Why Choose Clarity

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Authentic communications specialists

At Clarity, we are authentic communications specialists.  “Authentic” means being real in everything you say and do.  Some people would say that should be a given.  Yes, it should be, but it’s not.  And as technology keeps shifting more power in the marketplace to the consumer, those who fail to be real are going to find it harder and harder to do business.

The reason so many brands skip authenticity and relationship in their communications is because, in our fast-paced, quick results day and age, they think every interaction must be an instant transaction.  But people are tired of being treated like just another sale.  Consumers now have the power to check you out long before they ever meet you, and anti-spam legislation and online Ad Blockers give them the ability to avoid intrusive, unwanted sales content.

How do brands continue to make sales?  The answer is simple: stop selling, start communicating.  Offer prospects plenty of chances to get to know you without ever pressuring them to buy. Don’t expect every interaction to be a transaction. Treat people like human beings, not dollar signs.  It’s how consumers expect to be treated now anyway; we just think it’s time for businesses to catch up.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting your brand in creative and engaging ways.  But be real and be relational.  Trust is paramount for gaining and maintaining a loyal customer base, so whether it’s content on your blog or a promo video on your website, get a team to help present your business or organization with style and authenticity.  It’s a more human way to do business, and it’s how we approach each and every project we work on.

Flexible, affordable contracts

Getting communications support isn’t a cost: it’s an investment.  But we know that most small to medium business owners, solopreneurs and non-profits are often strapped for time and money.  The statement we hear over and over is “I’m so busy working in my business I never get to work on my business.”  This is where we can help.

We are creative contractors, like a contractor for your house.  Want to have your kitchen remodeled, or your basement finished?  Hire a contractor you trust to get it done right.  It’s an investment in making your house more like your dream home while you take care of other things.  We are just like that contractor, but for creative work.

If you have one project or many, you can contract us to get working on your business while you work in your business.  We can be your team, taking a vested interest in your success and using our clear communications expertise to authentically represent you and your business.  And to help you invest while managing your budget, we have flexible service packages and payment plans that let you grow at your own pace.

Customized communications

Sometimes when we meet new clients, they ask us to provide them with the “box of marketing success”.   The short answer is: it doesn’t exist!

For example, many small business owners we talk to feel a need to be on social media.  They think that it will be the surefire answer to more profit because everyone is on social.  Sure, social media is a very powerful tool, but just because it works for someone else doesn’t guarantee it’s right for you.  It also isn’t an easy tool to use well; in fact, while it may be free to set up, it takes careful planning and a lot of hands-on effort to be what it was created to be: social and relational.  And relationships take time to develop, no matter what format or channel you use.

We believe that one-size-fits-all communications plans are not only ineffective, they’re disingenuous.  We don’t try to fit you into a mold; we create customized communications plans and materials based on your needs, goals and budget.

Big picture experience

We have years of experience working on large scale communications and national advertising.  So we’ve seen marketing at its best and worst.  What we’ve tried to do is take the best thinking of traditional marketing – understanding brands from a 360° perspective – and thrown out everything that feels phony to focus on making your communications authentic, relatable and engaging.

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