Pic Respect

We want to take a moment and recognize the great artwork of others used in our website.

We love great photographs.  We love taking them, and sharing them! We’re proud to incorporate these great shots into our website, and give props to the folks who have made their awesome artwork available through the Creative Commons community.

Eric and Rick

Photo credits:

Lens: Through the Lens by David Zeuthen Licensed under CC NC-SA-2.0/adapted for use
Marbles: Marbles by Chad Cooper Licensed  under CC 2.0/re-coloured from original
Coffee: Cafe publicque by lazy fri13th Licensed under CC NC-SA-2.0/adapted for use
iPhone: iPhone 5s by Nicole Kasper Licensed under CC 2.0
Camera close-up: f/2.8 by Martin Kenny Licensed under CC NC-SA-2.0/adapted for use
Paint brushes: Painter Tools by Di_Chap Licensed under CC NC-ND 2.0
Construction: Construction Site former Parking Garage Keibelstraße by Sascha Kohlmann Licensed under CC SA-2.0/cropped from original
Moleskine book: Project 50 – Day #1 (Moleskine) by Sean McGrath Licensed under CC 2.0/re-coloured from original
Tool drawers: Boxing ourselves in? by Linus Bohman Licensed under CC 2.0/adapted for use

All photos licensed from Creative Commons  creative commons logo

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